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Timplates rebrand

We decided to take advantage of Melbourne's long locked-down winter to carry out a refresh of our website.

We approached Justin and Amanda at FOR Studio, with a brief to update our website to be more interesting and contemporary. To our absolute delight they came back with a complete rethink of the Timplates brand.

We were ready to retire 'Mr Timplates', but under their expert guidance he has come back to life, bigger, better and more colourful than ever before! ‘Timplates’ is a reference to our early days, when all the template work was done by … Tim. Now that there are more templaters in the Timplates team, that connection didn't seem as relevant. The name still stands, with the new logo set as type, but the character has moved on, he’s become the new Tim of Timplates and he embodies the brand's point of view, personality and voice. As the Timplates ambassador, he wears many hats, depending on the client and the current template being built.

Tim from Timplates inhabits a bright new world, with a changed colour palette of warm soft colours, which represents our range of work and clients. We also have a new type face which we think is a perfect fit for our brand: crisp, clear, legible and looks like it will get the job done!

This website is the first application of our new brand, and we’re excited to roll it out to our other brand collateral, and anywhere else we can justifiably place Tim!