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Melhuish | NSW Telco Authority

The templates highlighted here were built for the NSW Telco Authority. As with most of our work with design studios, we follow a process whereby Melhuish prepare the designs, discuss any potential feasibility issues and then supply us with the finished artwork (Packaged InDesign files).


This was a project that continued for over two years, and included 12 templates, so build consistency over that time frame is important. The templates all had to work well together with matching language styles and colours. Technically there were some interesting challenges, with the requirement for an EDM template which needed to be sent out as a PDF, which is why it was built in Word rather than Outlook. There was also a requirement across the Fact Sheets and PowerPoints to have changeable images, with the appearance of duotone to match the background theme colour, that could be coloured within Word or PowerPoint.

Project scope & features

  • Build for Word and PowerPoint using Office 365 on PC to be compatible with PowerPoint for Mac
  • Six theme colours
  • Arial font throughout


  • Agenda
  • Letterhead
  • Report
  • EDM
  • General Word template, 4 x Fact Sheets, and 3 x PowerPoint

Julian Melhuish

Director / owner