Our work

The Centre for Health Analytics

The Centre for Health Analytics is a new centre which needed a clear brand to illustrate that the Centre is a digital initiative, the first of its kind in Australia. It it also required to fit within existing brand guidelines for the Melbourne Children’s Campus. The Centre needed internal and external templates that illustrated the Centre’s image, as a separate identity, but remained within brand guidelines.

We designed and delivered a comprehensive suite of templates that met this brief and were also easy to use.

Project scope & features

  • Design a look and feel for templates that complement the existing Royal Childrens Hospital brand guidelines
  • Build a range of templates in the approved design and are easy to use


  • PowerPoint posters
  • PowerPoint template
  • Word Agenda
  • Word Letterhead
  • Word Memo
  • Word Fact Sheet
  • Word Report template
  • Word and InDesign business cards
  • Fact Sheet Word template
  • Outlook Event invitation and Newsletter templates